Web Apllications
Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D Mapping with Bird’s Eye View Imagery
State-of-the-art mapping technology delivers vivid street level maps and imagery that revolutionize vehicle recovery compared to outdated skip tracing methods. Locates are typically returned within 10-20 seconds and maps are available with 360 degree perspectives in 2D or 3D.

In addition to map data, each locate command returns the speed and direction along with latitude and longitude coordinates for easy cross reference with handheld navigation devices.

Click and drag the map to find a point of reference, and print maps to take with you.
History Reporting
Each command is archived indefinitely in the History tab, and easily found by the Search feature that allows you to filter the list by numerous methods including date/time, the command performed, vehicle status, vehicle groups, scheduled commands, device information, as well as account user. Use historical data to trend a single customer or group’s activity or quickly derive statistical data for your entire portfolio.

Retrieve maps from locate commands previously sent for no credit charge.

Groups and Scheduling
Use your imagination to improve your collections success with the Groups feature. Groups can be used to organize your portfolio by due date, risk category, or any number of customizable criteria to meet your specific collections demands. Once a group is defined, add a vehicle with just one click. Vehicles can appear in multiple groups at one time. The Groups feature also makes searching for vehicles and scheduling commands easier.

The Schedule feature takes parameters defined by the user, and completely automates the command process. Once the schedule is established, the web application does all the work! Use the Groups and Schedule feature together to create and manage different customer classifications within your portfolio.

User Level Accountability
Each account has an administrator under which sub users with password access can be created.  The administrator may also set user permissions or delete sub users for added security and accountability. The web application records the username that performs each command allowing the administrator to account for all comands sent.
Search the History by username to track a specific user’s activity.
Tools to Manage Multiple Locations
Are you a franchise dealership, RTO provider, or Special Finance firm that needs a method to manage multiple locations? We currently work with several companies that use our web application’s hierarchal design to manage many lots at one time. Use this privileged access to transfer devices between locations, activate and de-activate devices, transfer credits between locations, add or delete locations, see a summary of your total number of devices, locations, and the number of devices per location, as well as have administrator access to each location to perform commands, all from one master account.
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